Workshop Paper Accepted at the 2023 ACL CONSTRAINT

X-Transfer research paper was accepted in the 2022 ACL Proceedings of the Workshop on Combating Online Hostile Posts in Regional Languages during Emergency Situations. This research is titled, Detecting False Claims in Low-Resource Regions - A Case Study of Caribbean Islands. This work is a collaboration with Penn State and KiNiT. Coauthor includes - Limeng Cui, Thai Le & Dongwon Lee


Jason Lucas
Jason Lucas
Ph.D. Student in Informatics

My research interests include low-resource multilingual NLP, linguistics, adversarial machine learning and mis/disinformation generation/detection. My Ph.D. thesis is in the area of applying artificial intelligence for cybersecurity and social good, with a focus on low-resource multilingual natural language processing. More specifically, I develop NLP techniques to promote cybersecurity, combat mis/disinformation, and enable AI accessibility for non-English languages and underserved populations. This involves creating novel models and techniques for tasks like multilingual and crosslingual text classification, machine translation, text generation, and adversarial attacks in limited training data settings. My goal is to democratize state-of-the-art AI capabilities by extending them beyond high-resource languages like English into the long tail of lower-resourced languages worldwide. By innovating robust learning approaches from scarce linguistic data, this research aims to open promising directions where AI can have dual benefits strengthening security, integrity and social welfare across diverse global locales.